Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And the final image. Im really happy with this, cause I have never done so much detailed picture before. It tells what it has to tell and thats good I think.
Adding a lot details like small, big stones, grass on the ground. It helped a lot in this step I think.

Working more on clouds and lightning.

Adding some color tones.
Finished line drawing.
After a while I thought that it would be great to make something interesting of this. So I put a business man on a horse like a symbol of that madness about money. Horse symbolizes the luxury car that these people are mad about. So it became some ironic story. I was quite happy about that idea and I decided to make it real.

Starting line drawing.

Visualization of sweets package

My horse's painting history began with the fact that one customer asked to draw a knight on horseback, it would have been used on the packaging box of chocolates. This was the starting point.