Wednesday, December 7, 2011

China Mobile

Vaidas Bagonas spent some time during fall in HAPPYCAMPER.TV studio. I was part of the project to do 3 spots for China Mobile. It was one of the biggest projects i ever was part of. Overall style was old school miniatures and brilliant 3D animation composed together. The result is stunning!

Wireless City
China Mobile "Wireless City" Subtitle from Andrés Rosas Hott on Vimeo.


Public Service
China Mobile "Public Service" Subtitled from Andrés Rosas Hott on Vimeo.

China Mobile-Transportation from Andrés Rosas Hott on Vimeo.

HAPPYCAMPER developed the concept and directed.
STINK produced.
Vaidas Bagonas was a character designer.

Here is the case study from HAPPYCAMPER.TV:

More case study from PencilSurfer is coming soon.

Painting "A Boy fell in love with a Woman".

Hy my friends, it was long time ago i posted something. So here we have my newest painting. This time PencilSurfer goes non-digital. Real smell, real color, real stuff hanging on the wall in my personal gallery. This painting is named "A Boy fell in love with Woman". Here are some shots i did to show process. 

This is an etude i did before starting to paint on canvas. 

Its always nice feeling to stand in front of great pure Mr.BigWhite. 

Few pencil strokes and we are set off.

I love  to see wet paint going down. 


Some macro shmacro. 

Final image.