Sunday, April 22, 2012


Hi everyone, i did some painting this weekend and just have finished one. "Explorer"it's called. I started with little thumbnails and went through detailing process which i want to share with you here.

 Final painting "Explorer"


Thumbnail layout.

Thumbnail which i picket to detail further and see what i can come up with. I picket this one because i liked how light reveals "ship" form and created nice mood. Also i like shape of machine, i felt that it has some potential. 

Fist stage is adding some details and deciding on color. I picked colors so that they give impression we are inside some western rocky cave. Also sun is down and that gives nice direction of light and warm tones on overall picture. Also i flipped image as you see. It's because i use this method to refresh my mind and test perspective and ect. It helps a lot.

In this step i added some nice "flames" in foreground. It gives not just nice touch in foreground, but also serves story much better. We are starting to understand that this Explorer machine is searching for something and it might be these shinny organic minerals or something. 

Adding details in foreground and middle layers.

At one point i thought its necessary to get into design of Explorer, just to understand what details i have to put in the picture, how it works and ect. I did some hand sketching and explained to myself what is where. And after that i felt confident to go and paint them in original picture.

   And that's about it. Little explanation about how i did this piece. Hope you will like it and comments and suggestions are more then welcome. See you soon.

Are We Ready For the Coming 'Age of Abundance?'

   An intellectual talk about abundance in future and new businesses and technologies about to come soon. Worth spending time to watch this.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday evening thumbnails

Hi everyone. Little value blocking in tinny format "rectangles". Thumbnail sketching. It is really good technique to come up with many ideas in a short time. It took me about few fours not more to fill up page with little pictures which you see in example. Well these are a bit more detailed than usual, originally they used to be less detailed. Without going into details it took me about 40 min. to fill up the page with rough thumbnails.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Short documentary: Syd Mead

Hi. I just recently found very inspiring Syd Mead interview. Want to share with you guys.

" Here is the core thing of creativity: you have to be tree people. You have to be a person who is creating idea, solving the problem. You have to be a person who is a technician, to solve problem in a technical way. And you have to be a third person who is off stage watching those other two do what they do. If you can't detach your self from what you are doing ... you will not gonna do a good work cause you will get fascinated with what you do. And that's the mistake. Hubris kills. "   Syd Mead

Im inspired.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ghost VFX / Gori I Timelapse case study

   One more fresh'n'new commercial from Ghost. I joined project in later stages but helped a bit with concept art and delivering some plates for compositors. Was super fun and I'm really excited to see final result :)

And here are some of paint overs i did in the middle of the process. My colleagues delivered raw renders to me and my task was to come up with ideas how to simply make it look better than it is. So i did superquick paint overs on these 3D renders.

Windy autumn. I painted some sunbeams and made all scene a bit more messy in a way. Storm clouds, flying leaves and color tint towards evening yellowish colors. It also helperd to create more feeling of the autumn.

Cold morning. Same method I used like in the picture above. Main idea was to paint more morning frost and make audience feel like it's really cold early morning.

Mid-winter clear sky day. Definitely picture was lacking some fresh cold winter atmosphere. I also accentuated all light in the scene. Painting rim light on characters back was pretty good solution, it helped to "cut out" the character so its more visible.

Ghost VFX / Magnum ice ream

   Hi everyone. So here we go! Fist commercial that i was part of. I was responsible for developing explosion ideas and delivering concepts for overall look of this shot. Was really cool to work with talented team and be part of it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New - old

   I found old picture i painted a few years ago and decided to improve it bit. It was interesting to try to change some parts regarding composition and tones, some elements and storyteling. I think it look better now.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Sketching and learning

   I did spend some time sketching and learning anatomy in this rainy and gray monday. It's nice to stay warm inside and spend time with pencil and sketchbook.

Da Vinci life

   Exploring Leonardo Da Vinci life. Very interesting videos about his life, inventions, relationships and famous paintings. Worth watching. All the rest episodes follows as you finish first one.

Alien Planet

   I just finished watching episode from History channel "Alien Planet". Amazingly interesting simulation of exploring possible planet with unknown life forms. Scientists comments and explains what it may look like and follows scenario of two high tech robots, exploring surface and possible life forms in this planet. I found it extremely interesting. Take a cup of tea, sit down and explore.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Sketching session outside

Hi everybody. So this gray cold day we decided with my friend and colleague Mikael to go out and do some sketching anyways. And it was so much fun. Got some warm indian "chai" tea and continued drawing. We stayed mostly in train station cause it really nice place to get constant flow of people with bags, kids, luggage and ect. Some of them just standing and waiting for the train, and thats good for us, my friend even took out watercolors and did some pretty cool painting. Next time we decided to get somewhere else and keep exploring Copenhagen with sketchbook in our hands.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Marker sunday

   Hi there. So as usual i went sketching today. I gave a task to myself also. The goal was to keep everything in black and white extremes, avoiding lines. Basically playing with black shapes, trying to convert what i see into black and white image, no gray tones. Thats really a nice task for your eyes and brings by learning to divide shadow and light. Take a look.