Thursday, October 29, 2009

Challenge "The Day We Left Earth"

Now Im going on with some overall scene concepts and Im quite happy about the beginning. So here is my WIP:

bagonasart thread

Cleaning the windows...

I was sitting at job and watching through the window. Two guys were cleaning the windows of high building. At that moment I thought, what a good picture it can become. And became... Not a painting, but a sketch or etude.

Slaves - animation documentary


Director: Hanna Heilborn, David Aronowitsch
Producer: Hanna Heilborn, Anders Nystrom
Country: Sweden, Denmark, Norway
Year: 2008
Time: 15 minutes

Yesterday I saw this great animation documentary. Its about horror and slavery in Africa. Kids are telling stories how they were kidnapped and pushed to do hard work without having any drop of water. I was really taken by whole story and the view I saw on the screen.
Great movie. I really recommend you to see it.

Peace in Africa.


winter view... sometimes I really miss a good winter, with a lot snow and bright sky. Rrr... but feeels good.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Brush testing and trying to make it like real media ink, just saving trees and nature, and doing it in digital.

This is an etude of a autumn... right from my mind. No reference used.

GREENPEACE inspiring action

Really great inspiring shortfilm about our responsibility for mother earth.

Monday, October 26, 2009

"The Day We Left Earth" challenge

I have just posted few images in challenge thread. You can see them by clicking this link:

Ill be back soon with news in this challenge!


Also what you can do is to visit NOT STUPID site and join the people, know more about what you can do to save our planet. I have joined, you have join to! And its not time to advice, its time to do.
Here is the site:


Today I saw a movie. Not like any others. A movie, which made me think about everything that happening and will happen. Think very deeply, cause there is no "tomorrow". all we have is this moment to decide, will we go right way. So, from right now, Im starting to push myself for more good things I can do to our planet, to save it...
This is the trailer of this wonderful movie:

Monday mood

Again I am at my job place. And here is what I see through my window... Rain and cold weather outside..

Friday, October 23, 2009

Finally I have finished one of my concepts. It looks like wuite fast, but I think Its enough.

Quick one...

One`s during daily non-ending job I was asked to show, how fast It is possible to do a painting, simple one, just to get impression and mood of the scene. It can be used for animation or movie, or as a single picture.
So this one is an example. It took me about 10 - 15 minutes to do. And I`m quite happy with the result.

One of experimental speed paintings I`ve done to create some stage environment and overall mood. Nothing else :)


Hy everyone. I have entered 2D challenge yesterday in "It`s art" community and I hope everything will go well this time. I have enought time to do it right way, so let`s sharpen our pencils...
The challenge is made from three groups: 2D, 3D and video. Of course Im in 2D :) The theme is "The Day We Left Earth". It fits me quite good, so I hope I will have enough strong ideas.

Here you will find all info about my thread:
Here is info about all challenge:
"The Day We Left Earth" challenge
And here is other artists in this challenge:
My friend is also participating:
Gediminas Pranskevičius ( Imperioli )

Soon I will have first sketches.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Friday captured in my pc...

Concepts continues...

some time brainstorm with Photoshop brushes ends like this... :) It took about 45 min. to do that. Ok, ill go back to "job"...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Very quick sketch at the end of the working day. Ive done this in about 15 min. Not longer... :) hope you like it..
Hy there, im now sketching a lot and doing some research of my own style, so here I show just few concepts. Ive done thesefor daily sketch forum in